Teachers' Training Centre

Cluj County


CCD sustained the innovation and changes of educational reform, enable the environment for professional and personal development of all teachers from undergraduate schools.

Target group:

· Category: preschool, kindergarten, primary, secondary and high schools teacher, nonqualified teachers, secretaries, librarians, accountants, administrative staff, pedagogues, technicians and other category.
· Functions. Rolls: principals, administrative council members, training teachers ISJ (Educational County Inspectorate), CCD (Teachers Training Centre), UBB (Babes-Bolyai University), schools manager of in -service training teacher, psychologists and school counsellors.
· Others: parents, students, wider community.

In-service training programs:

· For professional development:
Training for debutant teachers
Training for professional exams

· For different needs:
In service trainings (required once to 5 years)
Training for professional development
Training for personal development

· For management skills
· For unqualified teachers
· For school personal
· For community

I. Supply the professional shortage.
Objective: To assure the improvement of teachers professional and personal skills
II. Supply the professional information and knowledge
Objective: To assure the development of accessible resources for teachers
III. Supply the communication shortage
Objective: To assure the development of teachers innovation and research potential
IV. Open to community
Objective: To assure the development of community partnership
V. Restructure and develop the institution
Objective: To improve the quality of services and products

Number of employees:
Permanent - 14
External Collaborators:

Teachers from university, national and local trainers from MECT (Ministry of Education, Research and Youth) programs, inspectors, head-teachers, schools manager of in -service training teacher, experts of CJAPP (County Centre for psychological and pedagogical assistance).

Partner Institutions:
Educational County Inspectorate Cluj, County Center for Psychological and Pedagogical Assistance, National Center for In-service Teacher Training , Education Science Institute, Cluj Technique University, Pedagogical College "Gh. Lazar", Centre "Education 2000+", Cultural Center of French Council, British Council , ARES (Romanian Association of Health Education), Centre ARDOR (debate), "Jeunes pour Jeunes", World Vision Romania, Association for Culture "Polygon", "L. Maximilian" University Munchen, University of Strathclyde, IMC, CCD, Schools, Libraries etc.

Institution structure:

Management department

CCD manager
Administrative Council

Resources, information and counselling services:

Publishing House

Financial, administrative services:



Campia Turzii

Projects & Programmes

BeCLIL no118702 - CP - 1 - 2004 - 1 - ES - COMENIUS - C21
"Benchmarking Content and Language Integrated Learning"
Socrates - Grundtvig "European Digital Portfolio for the Evaluation of Educators"
Programme Phare RO 0104.02
Project # E0293C
"Provision of Training Services for Teachers at Cluj County, Romania
Programme Phare RO 0104.02(LOT 1)
Project # E0293C
"Access to Education for Disadvanteged Groups, with a Special Focus on Roma"
Programme Phare 0104.03/3.1/EDU009
Education for a Participative Democracy
Socrates - Arion Study Visits"TIC in Education"
Erasmus "Romanian Internet Learning Workshop"
"Scoala reformei"
Centrul "Educatia 2000+"
National Education Education Reform Project
"Center for Distance Teachers Training" - OFS Iasi county

Everybody remember a good teacher.

"Society needs education.
Quality education needs quality teachers.
Quality teachers require efforts, time and us."
(E. Popescu, sept. 2000)

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